Oh, Japan! - Bubble Wrap Saftey

Japan, just like anywhere else, has rude, inconsiderate, and even just incompetent drivers that other motorists and pedestrians have to contend with. In Okayama Prefecture, specifically, researchers believe that an accident occurs every 50 minutes. In order to combat this, Okayama officials and Toyota teamed up to create a safety video that is.. well.. interesting.

The video depicts a man moving to a town (presumably in some strange, alternate version of Okayama Prefecture) that is filled, much to his surprise, by people, houses, dogs, plants, bikes, cars, and more covered in bubble wrap. A car can be seen displaying blatant disregard by the driver for pedestrians, nearly striking them and knocking them to the ground. But it's okay, because everything and everyone is bubble wrapped, you see. The video also depicts several other plastic-enveloped individuals who have fallen over and cannot get up, perhaps more victims of these blood or, perhaps, bubble-thirsty drivers.

It's hard to say whether or not the video has or will make an impact on Okayama Prefecture traffic incidents. But, if nothing else, it's a good way to end up featured in a third-rate post about Japanese oddities.

Source: RocketNews24
Image Credit: Toyopet Okayama


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